Thursday, July 17, 2014

FACT #3 All Whitetail deer lay down with the wind hitting their spine (backbone)

I have made the discovery that all whitetail deer bed down with their spine into the wind. As everyone is already aware the wind directions are forever changing, that is why I can prove to you that there are 3 Core Doe Bedding Areas in every dominant buck's herd, and that a trained person (trained by Bob J. Mercier) can determine which of the three Core Doe Bedding Areas a doe, or a fawn, was bedded in, just by analyzing the signs left behind by the deer after it has left its bed.

Deer will not allow the wind to hit them in their back (from the place the neck and the back meet to the top of the tail bone) from more than one direction on a compass. You can see an entire deer herd, (their bedding areas) if you read my book, learn from me how to read the wind, and know how to read a compass.

If you get a copy of my book. You can see these three bedding areas that I have drawn out diagrams in my book titled DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck! Copyright 2011 by Bob J. Mercier. In the diagrams I show you where deer bed in relation to other deer in the same herd. I have scouted over 200 deer herds in 5 states and Canada in the past 3 years and every deer herd has the three doe bedding areas that I drew in my book. If you buy it you can learn about them. If not then call your local library and request that they buy my book. It is available online at

Until today I have kept this a secret for only the readers of my books to know about. Now I am willing to prove my findings to anyone who wants to see the proof. Deer are amazing animals, and there is so much that society does not know about them. I have a good understanding of everything they do from spring to winter. I do not know everything, but I am sure I know more than anyone alive today. I want to share my knowledge, with you. The way I do it is by offering my books for sale, and by walking land with those who hire me to show them how to make kings of herds hunt them using my tactics.

When the wind direction changes deer stand up and choose another place to bed where they are allowed to, inside their king's territory. Deer choose the new bed location based on whether or not there are imminent threats to their lives in the other bedding areas at that moment in time, or not, and based on the wind direction at that moment. To a deer there is no safer place to be than in its bed, and deer have numerous beds inside the territory of the king of their herd. All you have to do to see these bedding areas is learn from me, what they look like, how to enter them as an invisible deer, and how to hunt in or around a core doe bedding area with my tactics.

Each dominant buck runs a deer herd. A territory, and in that territory there are three core doe bedding areas, and because I discovered them I also named them. They are:

  1. The South Central Doe Bedding Area (a.k.a. as Doe Bedding Area #1)
  2. The West Central Doe Bedding Area (a.k.a. as Doe Bedding Area #2)
  3. The Northeastern Doe Bedding Area (a.k.a. as Doe Bedding Area #3)
For the sake of proving what I am writing here, I will include one page from my book right here for all to see. If you see this and do not believe it, than I cannot help you any further without you being willing to read the statements I made in the pages of my book. You have to buy it to get the explanations in great detail. I hope you appreciate what I am offering to share with you now. 

 Learn about whitetail deer herds, and hunting kings

This is a copy of page 66 of Bob J. Mercier's book titled DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck! Copyright 2011 > Bob J. Mercier is posting it here for all readers to see. There is not another person on earth in history or alive today who discovered these facts. This is but one page of a 416 page book with 30 chapters that I wrote to share what I know with you. If you only knew the importance of the lessons I teach my readers. HERE IS THE MAIN POINT. Deer behave in a predictable manner everyday all year long. Only those who know very little about whitetail deer behavior will tell you that they are unpredictable. I can find the king of the herd in any deer herd in his bed or near it two out of every three days on a calendar, all year long, and so can you if you read my book and use my tactics. I named my tactics DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING. It is now a registered trademark. That circle with an X in it is exact location of the core bed of the king of every whitetail herd living in North America, and he will be in that bed two out of every three days during daylight, as long as the wind is from the NW, N, or NE, and you (a human) have not pressured him there. If there are tree stands or trail cameras within 200 yards of his choice bed, then he will no longer bed there because he knows a human was there and his life was in danger when you placed your tree stand or your trail camera. He will not allow you to kill him, that is unless you can be invisible to him, as I teach others to be. I never used a trail camera and kings of deer herd hunt me! I will not start anytime soon. 

Does (female deer) of all ages, fawns (this year's newborn deer) of both sexes, and bucks less than 2 years old are allowed to bed inside the core doe bedding areas. Bucks older than two other than the king of the herd are not allowed to bed with does inside the core doe bedding areas. Only the king of the herd has the earned right to do whatever he wants whenever he wants. Other bucks live by the rules of the deer herd. I know dozens of rules deer live by, and in my books I am sharing my findings (which I can prove are facts) with you.

People who own my first book have known about these three core doe bedding areas ever since they read pages 60-66 in my book. They are smarter than other deer hunters because of it. You can gain this knowledge too. My books are your means to learn how deer think. What their world looks like and how to find a buck or a doe any day of the week just by learning to understand deer behavior, as taught by me. I learned over 95% of the tactics I teach from observing deer, and mimicking their everyday behavior. 

Can you imaging how great it would be for you to see what deer see, and to think what deer think, and to know what a deer will do before he or she does it? I know those things and I am trying to reach you, and other people who want me to teach you the skills I have that have that no one else on earth can claim they knew before they met me. Seeing the king of the herd on any parcel in daylight is now something any person who uses my tactics can do. Do not tell yourself it isn't so. Believe me, there is much I can teach you if you only wanted to contact me to learn. Call Bob J. Mercier at (262) 719-2743 7 days a week. I am a whitetail deer behavior expert, and there is no one who knows more about herds and the territories of kings, or how to talk to deer than I do. Visit my website in fall and winter 2014 I will post video testimonials on the website through YouTube.

This is the real deal folks. No matter how good of a deer hunter you are, and no matter how many people look up to you, you can learn from me, things that will make monster bucks and adult does, believe you are one or more of them (deer), and by doing so you will be able to get as close as 35 yards or less from any deer in daylight. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Old habits are hard to break, but my tactics are worth learning

Dear Customers,

Hundreds of my past customers have told me that the day they met me was the first day of the rest of their lives. The things I say are not ordinary things. Most people are shocked when they hear my claims, but they are intrigued and they are committed to asking me questions to see what I know about deer. I am all for it. The reason you never heard of me is because I am not on TV, Radio, or Sponsored at Deer Hunting Events. 
I am an entrepreneur. I started my own business MINDFUL OF NATURE LLC and I run a website, and speak at public deer hunting venues to inform the public of my offerings. I teach book owners to make kings of herds hunt them. 
The things I know about deer are secrets that deer have kept from humans for centuries. I have released some of these secrets in my first book, which has received an overwhelming appreciation among deer hunters and deer photographers across America, and into Canada. Folks are loving the close encounters they get with trophy-racked bucks and other deer when they use my tactics.
Over 99% of the people who have read my book, and have used my tactics choose to use DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® (Bob J. Mercier's tactics), because I invented the easiest method for any deer hunter to see the biggest-racked bucks in the area while hunting their own property, or any piece of land where deer exist. I know nothing about tame deer or deer in fences. I study wild (free ranging) deer and they study me.
I know dominant bucks better than anyone else in the world. It is a bold statement, but I am sure of it, and I am willing to back it up, by teaching what I know to society, and by answering questions about whitetail deer behavior. I certainly do not know it all. But what I do know is yours for under $50 and all you have to do is want to change your behavior in the "Deer World" in order for deer to stop alarming out and running from you. 
I am not a biologist, nor do I have a college degree. I am a self-taught whitetail deer behavior expert, and I am all about teaching you the facts. I hope to write a college textbook about deer behavior and how to hunt deer successfully using the skills I learned from observing and analyzing deer behavior. If I could not make sense out of some behavior I witnessed, I wrote it down and put it in my memory bank. I saw it so it is a fact, but the situation the deer was in when it did what it did was different. That is why I could not make sense of it. I am really a scientist, I study deer behavior, and my findings are facts for all people to see.
I have written a one-of-a-kind book with 416 pages and 30 chapters all about whitetail deer, the king of the herd, his pecking order, their competitors, and the does and fawns that live within the territories of kings. I titled it DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING...To A Monster Whitetail Buck! My book is all facts, and discoveries I have made, yet no one in the world has ever stated 99% of these facts about deer before. Why? Because they don't know the facts. Most human beings assume what deer do, rather than analyze the facts to see THE TRUTH as I do.
Some of the facts in the book are:
  • There are 9 different types of buck rubs that the king of the herd makes and no other bucks have a right to make. I define each type and tell you what they mean to the deer who made them, and the deer that find them. They are street signs. They state the rules in the deer world, and they tell deer what they need to know to always know where they are in the territory of each king. 
  • I read buck rubs and I take my clients to the king's current bed, just from one rub. You can do it too if you read my book, and believe in what I teach. 
  • Does bed in 3 unique core-doe bedding areas, and no mature bucks other than the king have any right to bed among the does.
  • I drew a map showing my readers where each of the 3 doe bedding areas are in relation to a compass, and how to find them.
  • Yearling bucks do not hold rank in the pecking order, they are not mature until December, and they are not allowed to breed unless there is not another buck that can beat them in a fight nearby.
  • Does, fawns, and yearling bucks bed together until the doe goes into heat, then the yearling buck is kicked out. He is no longer allowed to bed in doe bedding areas. He becomes a wanderer. That happens in mid-October in Wisconsin.
  • There is only one king in each herd, but all mature bucks display dominance when they are in view of other bucks.
  • Rub lines are made by the king of the herd, not other bucks. They represent the fact that the king is now bedding on the upwind side of the rub line to avoid being killed by the humans who interfered with his daily movement from his bed to the place he meets his does in midday. Rub lines tell you that humans have interfered with the way a king runs his herd. In most cases a human hunter put a tree stand in the dominant buck's bedding area, and now the king is not safe to be there in daylight. 
  • Dominant buck bed downwind of every single deer in their herd, every day of the year, except when their life is in danger or when they are with a mate. In those instances the buck goes where he is safest to stay for extended periods of time, without ever taking other deer to his beds.
  • Dominant bucks rule the world of D.I.E. System Users. They HUNT US!
  • There is no better place to be then in the "Deer World" while the king of the herd hunts you down!
I am happy to share my knowledge as you can see, but I make my living doing this so, I am not offering my time for free. I expect you to buy my book if you want to learn from me, otherwise read this blog, or attend a FREE Seminar at a Sports Show, or call me at (262) 719-2743 to hire me to train you to think like me. That way you will meet the king of the herd on nearly every hunt for the rest of your days. No one is perfect! But my D.I.E. System is Amazing!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fact #2 Whitetail deer walk at crosswind angles

Written by Bob J. Mercier  ©2014

Whitetails walk at angles that cross the wind. When deer walk they make trails. They do not make trails when they run, or when they trot. A trotting deer is slowing down from a gallop. All deer trails start where a deer galloped to a stop or trotted to a walk. Trails are places where deer walk. They are safe there or they would not walk there. Deer gallop to get away from something that disturbed them, threatened their life by attacking them, or could put their life at risk. At times deer gallop to play, but monster bucks do not do that.

If you hunt where there are lots of trails you are going into the house of the deer and hunting them there. In my opinion, hunting a deer in its house and expecting to see a monster buck (the smartest deer in the household) are two things that do not mix. Dominant bucks do not bed inside doe bedding areas on a regular basis, although they are allowed to do so if they wish. Other bucks cannot bed with does unless they are a mated pair. Those two deer can bed within a few yards (5-15 yards) of each other, and it is common to see them doing so during the rut.

If you want a monster buck you should never go into the core bedding area of does to sit and wait for him to come along. You will find out the hard way that monster bucks are a lot smarter than you, and me put together.

Monster bucks live secluded lives and most of them bed downwind or crosswind of doe bedding areas. To find them you must scout, or hunt, where they bed. Buck trails and doe trails are different trails. Dominant bucks have their own trails. All deer trails are used by deer when the wind blows across the trail.

Hunting on a trail that goes NW and SE when the wind is from the NW or SE will result in you seeing zero deer using that trail. Deer are very smart, not all deer, only the ones that live to be 3 or older.

When you hunt deer you should choose to set your stand upwind of a deer trail that moves between bedding and some other destination point. Deer move from bedding to food, to water and back to bedding. Bucks and does also go to the breeding zones, when the rut is on. Those are different topics.

You will see the biggest bucks if you hunt upwind and crosswind of doe bedding areas about 120 to 250 yards away from the nearest doe beds. That is the place where intruder bucks (2-1/2 and older bucks from other herds) enter and leave the territory of the king. It is wise to stay upwind of deer, no matter what you were taught before you read my words. Hunting downwind of bedded deer allows them to watch you come and go from your stand. They are not as dumb as many people think.

Use a powder bottle and find out where the wind is blowing at all times, walk crosswind and deer will think you are one of them. Doing so will enhance the experiences you will have with big bucks and mature does in the future.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Fact #1 Whitetail deer cannot see depth

January 13, 2014
written by Bob J. Mercier   ©2014

This photograph of Bob J. Mercier was taken by Scott Anderson 

The photo (above) is of me 'walking like a deer', while remaining invisible to deer. Deer cannot see depth. The can see width and height, but not depth. They can only estimate your body weight by hearing you walk or by viewing your body at different angles, and in the deer world knowing the body mass of every object that moves in the direction of deer, is an important detail, that cannot be overlooked. Deer need to know what is coming, in order to evade it. All whitetail deer walk around each other in order to see the other side. I call it profiling. Standing broadside with their head turned at 90 degrees to their chest. While walking around the chest side of another deer to see how big it is, in body weight.

I am sure you have witnessed this behavior that deer exhibit on a daily basis. Deer behave as if they are always discovering things, as if they are seeking knowledge all the time. That is because their world is ever changing and they have to keep themselves safe from predators by never assuming the land, is the same way they saw it the last time they were in that particular area. Every time a deer travels, it discovers its territory again, and again, and he or she has to take interest in what has changed in order to keep from being killed by a predator, or a risky situation, which includes human beings.

Deer walk around trees, not just past them. That is because they do not know that trees are round. They see them as eight sided objects of varying height. But that is a different topic, and it is one that I am including in my next publication, which I am working on now. If you want to know what I think then buy my book and catch up with the 2200 other people who already own a copy. It is the only way you can ever be on the same page as I am.

Deer do not see the distance between me and the brush behind my body. They only see the pattern of the fabric I wear, and the motion I make when I am moving.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Bob J. Mercier - Biography

Updated by Bob 01/10/2014

My Actions & Words – Speak the truth about whitetail deer.
If you do not know me, and have not heard of the NEW WAY TO HUNT DEER that I invented, I would like to introduce myself. I am Bob J. Mercier originally from New Berlin Wisconsin. I now reside in Eau Claire Wisconsin. I am a whitetail deer behavior specialist, who taught himself how to think like a deer. I can teach anyone 9 years old or older how to get within 35 yards or less of any whitetail deer on the planet.
The biggest problem I am faced with is that the majority of people who have hunted deer for years and who have never met me in person, or have not read my book, do not believe that anyone can do what D.I.E. Hunters can do. I do not let that get to me, because I am no longer on a mission to share what I know with everyone. I only wish to share it with those who wish to believe in the truth.
 You can believe me, or disregard my claims. I welcome you to read my book and see for yourself that I am telling you the absolute truth about deer. There are hundreds of facts about deer, which deer have kept secret from humans for centuries. If you allow me to teach you, in the same way that college educated professors (of other subjects) teach, you will see that I have personally discovered hundreds of amazing facts about whitetail deer that no one before me has ever published or written about. Moreover, knowing those facts changes the way you choose to hunt big-racked bucks and mature does in the future. The changes you will want to make after reading my book, and agreeing with my findings will make the deer in the herds you hunt, become less aware that humans are hunting them. That is a good thing. I hope you would agree.
I am a Wisconsin deer hunter, and since September 2013, I have been a Wisconsin deer-hunting guide. I teach deer hunters how to hunt their own property the D.I.E. Way, and make the king of the herd come to their tree stand, believing they are a deer, and not ever a human. I invented my own tactics that you can use, my way, to make kings of herds fight monster bucks off, just to retain the right to breed inside their own territory boundaries. Whichever buck wins the fights, is the one that will then pursue you. I named this NEW WAY TO HUNT DEER - The DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® Deer Hunting System. I own Mindful Of Nature LLC and I do business under that name. Dominance Is Everything is a product I sell you the rights to use for the rest of your life. You can buy the rights by purchasing my book, attending a D.I.E. Training Seminar, or hiring me to guide your next hunt, or provide you a private lesson wherever your hunting land is. I draw out deer herds on paper, and I advise my clients on the best ways I know how to keep big bucks on your land or how to bring them to it while you are there in daylight, in deer season. Close encounters with monster bucks are frequent for D.I.E. Hunters. Those who do not know how it works generally believe that my claims are too good to be true. It is unfortunate for those people, that they are dead wrong about me.
I have discovered over 400 facts about deer that no one else on earth knows. I see the deer world from the perspective of deer.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Who is Bob J. Mercier? "The Deer Whisperer"

In 1998, I (Bob J. Mercier) invented a NEW METHOD for hunting mature bucks in the rut. I named my tactics the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® Deer Hunting System. It is a unique system unlike any traditional means of deer hunting. I introduce it to others with my book, seminars, public speaking at sportsman’s events, and by offering private lessons on public and private land throughout the U.S.A. 
October 23, 2010 This is my first class teaching traditional deer hunters to be D.I.E. Hunters. I was teaching them how to build a D.I.E. Scrape on a tree-line at the Boxhorn Gun Club in Muskego WI. Photo taken by Scott Anderson.
In October of 2013, I guided a D.I.E. Hunter for the first time in my home state of Wisconsin. My client saw three Pope & Young caliber bucks in the first two days, at less than 25 yards while bow hunting his own land. He unfortunately missed a shot at 11 yards to a monster buck. 

I do not judge your success on whether you kill a buck or not, I judge your success on whether one or more mature bucks comes within 35 yards of you in daylight or not while you are using my tactics. If the buck(s) come in then you were successful with my DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING System. If they did not come to you, then you either broke a set up or hunt rule or your hunt was interfered with by a situation that could cause the death of the dominant buck and the other mature bucks that are pursuing you, and the deer got wise to it. When mature bucks realize their lives are in danger they go on lock-down and refuse to show up in daylight.

I can teach you to make the king of any deer herd come to your stand site in daylight, but in order for you to succeed with my D.I.E. System, you have to believe it will happen. That means  that you have to have the same understanding of whitetail deer behavior as I do. Knowing that I discovered hundred of facts that deer have kept secret from humans for centuries, I am quite sure you would not understand or believe what I teach you is actual truth unless you first read my book DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING…To A Monster Whitetail Buck! ©2011. It is available exclusively through me on my website

Hundreds of people have called me “The Deer Whisperer,” and I feel I deserve the title.